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"After four months of acupuncture therapy I have seen an amazing lift in my spirits and energy level, as well as a dramatic decrease in ovarian pain that, on a scale of ten, was a five or more everyday. My increased energy and comfort has allowed me to go back to a more active lifestyle which has resulted in weight loss and a lowered stress level! I feel like I have regained control of my life and I cannot thank Janet Althen enough."

~ M.Smith, Columbia, Howard County


"I was a mess. My body seemed to be rebelling against me. My menstrual cycles had stopped for six months. I had always experienced excruciating cramps that left me unable to do anything but lie in bed and suffer, so I didn’t miss that, but something was not right. Doctors offered birth control as a solution. I did not want to take anything unnatural and had suffered side effects when I had tried the pill previously.

I also had a weak bladder that caused me to get up during the night. Car trips or long days of activities were challenging with frequent stops to use the restroom. I had to limit my fluids and go thirsty before activities or trips.

After my first treatment I felt a noticeable difference. After four treatments my cycle returned with just very light cramps. For many months now I find myself improving and my bladder is stronger. No longer do I have to search out restrooms and limit fluids. I highly recommend acupuncture treatment with Janet."

~A Very Satisfied Patient, Columbia, Howard County


"I was having hot flashes everyday. Not anymore. After just two treatments, they are gone! The needles are very very small. I usually fall asleep. It really is amazing!"

~ Ellen S., Columbia, Howard County


Thank you for everything you did to help make a lifelong dream of becoming a mother a reality. I still can't believe I'm finally pregnant! Thanks for being such a supportive listener on the days I was so depressed. You were patient and encouraging.

~S.A., Columbia, Howard County

"After 2 years of trying, 6 cycles of clomid, 2 cycles of fertility drugs with IUI and one IVF cycle, I was not pregnant. This was the most difficult and stressful experience I’d ever been through and I was both physically and emotionally exhausted. I am a firm believer that even the best medicine cannot do its job if your body and spirit are not at their best.

My doctor recommended acupuncture and I began treatment with the intention of taking a break from infertility treatments until I felt ready to try IVF again. After 6 weeks of acupuncture I found out I was pregnant. I have continued acupuncture throughout my pregnancy and plan on continuing in the future for any more children we may be blessed to have."

~Kathy H., Columbia, Howard County


"After my very first treatment I had more restful sleep and have continued to sleep well. My thinking is clearer and I am more efficient at work. Instead of feeling foggy in the afternoon I have more energy.

I used to get up once or twice at night to urinate and now am able to sleep through. I am not urinating as much during the day either. My appetite has changed. I’m not as hungry and am eating smaller portions."

~A Very Satisfied Patient, Columbia, Howard County


"I had back and foot pain for over two years and had tried many over-the-counter pain relievers. Nothing worked. Since I have been receiving acupuncture the pain has gone away allowing me to get a good night’s sleep every night.

I did not know that you would hardly feel the needles. Acupuncture works, the office is friendly and Janet always takes time to talk to you about your treatment."

~John P., Columbia, Howard County
(yes, we see male patients too!)


"My main concern was my crazy emotions, high stress with a second career and physical inactivity. What I have experienced so far are several small miracles under Janet Althen’s treatment. I realized that our bodies are beautifully and wonderfully connected to each of its parts. As my treatments continue I’m excited about the new discoveries waiting to be revealed and the knowledge to be gained."

~Lisa R., Columbia, Howard County

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